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Meet the owner

Welcome to Eden. I’m Jenny: CEO and founder of Eden. 

When i started making soap at the age of 22, it was for my personal needs. I was a poor Law student who would do anything to get away from the extensive readings and the unending paperwork. Soap making was a way for me to stay sane. I slowly started to gift my products to my friends and family. 

My husband is the one who started the business in 2018. He encouraged me to go out there. He is my biggest supporter and most definitely a great addition to Eden. Since then, we have been travelling to different craft fairs. 


Learn, research and try and try. 


The longest part of making a new product is the research. We are really picky when it comes to choosing our ingredients and our suppliers.

We are all about fair-trade. Growing up in a poor country, I know the difficulties farmers faces and their hard work for very little money. I take this very personal.  


After coming up with a  recipe,  we try the final product. If it is to our standard we pick a willing participant from our friends and family who would like to try it and give us feedback. It is a great alternative to testing products on animals.

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