If you prefer a shower to a bath, shower steamers are a great option. They're made with baking soda and citric acid, just like bath bombs. But rather than placing them into a tub, the steamer is placed on the floor of the shower. The water activates the fizzing reaction and releases the essential oils into the air.


Aromatherapy blends include: 


  • Serenity : It's a must have for those with insomnia and anxiety. It is mix of lavender, frankinsence and tea tree.
  • Rise and shine: Perfect for a morning shower it is a blend of citrus essential oil, peppermint and sweet basil to help you focus.
  • Meditation:  Perfect for after your yoga sessions, it is a blend of ylang ylang, patchouli and frankinsence. 
  • Breathe easy : Eucalyptus to helps you during the colder months.


Ingredients : citric acid, baking soda, perfume (essential oils)

Shower steamers - set of 3


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